Our cloud based enterprise resource planning (ERP) offers flexibility and scalability.

What is ERP?

The Information Technology (IT) industry is known for its use of abbreviations, which are frequently used, however not completely understood. The literal definition, Enterprise Resource Planning. The term ‘ERP’ itself isn’t simple and refers to the business programming that has been intended to record and administer your data. Our goal is to help you focus on effectiveness and simplified success.

Many business owners confront a number of business challenges. Some of these challenges are: the duplication of procedures with different systems, the failure to help a MOBILE workforce, scrambling to monitor assets, divisions within the business working in isolation, and the list goes on. Integrating an ERP framework shows major advantages to help with conquering these everyday obstacles.

What is UBT's CLOUD ERP?


On-demand whenever and wherever you need. You remain in control of your data, resources, and business processes.


UBT provides a technology platform for innovation and growth to support your business both today and into the future.


As a part of your monthly subscription, UBT supports your ERP system and integrated applications for implementation related issues.

Available via Cloud

Google Cloud’s security model, world-scale infrastructure, and unique capability to innovate will help keep your business secure and compliant.

Subscription Based

Sign up for a 12-month period and pay monthly, or annually. You maintain and control the timing of upgrades or add-ons billed hourly or as a pass through fee.

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