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Enhancing Customer Experience

A branded app is a mobile application created by a company to promote its brand. Branded apps typically reflect the brand’s identity and feature its values, colours, logo, visual identity and style, slogan, and more. Today, companies are increasingly turning … Read More

Survival of the fittest

You don’t survive in the news business for 175 years without learning how to adapt. At The Globe and Mail, change is an integral part of the company’s DNA. Over the last two years, the company has organized its digital … Read More

Feeling Special is Important

Every visitor wants to feel special. This is a basic tenant of human nature. Visitors want to be treated like they are really special. In fact, recent surveys show that 42% of consumers get annoyed when their content isn’t personalized, … Read More

Loading, loading … gone.

That’s how your consumers will react if your slow mobile site gets in their way. And all that beautiful marketing imagery bringing your brand to life may be the culprit — higher bounce rates and fewer conversions translate to missed … Read More

Make mobile experiences a business priority

People expect fast and relevant experiences on mobile. When brands are there with seamless mobile experiences, it’s a win-win for everyone. Consider these three mobile marketing guidelines to be successful: Each second counts: The average mobile page takes more than 15.3 seconds … Read More

Your brand approach is important

Consistency is a unique challenge for brand marketing today, because there are so many touch-points and interactions that customers expect to have with the brand. It’s important to focus on the central message or even, more importantly, the feeling you … Read More

How data can shift merchandising from an art to a science

In retail, there’s no space for standing still. Empowered by mobile, people can get exactly what they want instantly and effortlessly, and they expect retailers to meet their needs faster than ever before. With shopping behavior constantly evolving, the backbone … Read More

Impatience: Right Here, Right Now!

Whether it’s a jar of spices or a restaurant, today’s impatient consumers want things in the moment they need them—which is typically “now.” From on-the-fly travel plans to businesses “open now” to same-day shipping, people are using search to find … Read More

Growth Begins and Ends with Data

Data doesn’t merely reflect what’s knowable. It’s the fuel of smart, informed decisions. Certain user actions within your app could hold the keys to unlocking greater lifetime value. Analyze data to identify the types of users of your app -who … Read More

Customer Value Optimization

As a marketer, one of your biggest challenges is to determine who cares about your brand enough to keep coming back. But even more important is finding users who are going to drive profitability. Machine learning makes it easier to … Read More