Loading, loading … gone.

That’s how your consumers will react if your slow mobile site gets in their way. And all that beautiful marketing imagery bringing your brand to life may be the culprit — higher bounce rates and fewer conversions translate to missed revenue opportunities. UBT can help you overcome this popular issue with smarter website planning and analyzation. For now, here are some quick fixes for your site imagery you can collaborate on with your developer to get started.

Prioritize your brand site’s images in order of importance.

  • Before optimizing the images on your site, consider whether they’re all necessary. Sure, that high-res photo looks great, but does it actually help to convey the message you are trying to get across?

Choose an efficient image format.

  • JPEG: Photos with no transparency
  • PNG: Transparent backgrounds
  • SVG: Scalable icons and shapes

Compress and Resize Imagery

  • Optimizing images can help you achieve the largest byte savings and mobile site performance improvements. Even the most basic optimizations — like compressing images, removing metadata (such as the date and time), and experimenting with quality settings — can help.

Use loading techniques

  • Compressing and resizing images is the basic approach that every designer and developer should enforce.
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