Your brand approach is important

Consistency is a unique challenge for brand marketing today, because there are so many touch-points and interactions that customers expect to have with the brand. It’s important to focus on the central message or even, more importantly, the feeling you want to deliver as a brand. We believe in focusing on creativity.

UBT Agency’s brand message and approach is creativity. Another insight that informed our strategy is sequential messaging and the right creative would help move people from browsing to buying. Brand and e-commerce teams collaborated to adjust campaign creative and calls to action to drive brand awareness (“Explore now”), product consideration (“Learn more”), and eventually, a purchase (“Shop now”).

This collaborative marketing approach creates remarkable results. People who received the “Shop now” e-commerce-focused ads in addition to the “Explore now” brand ads were 75X more likely to convert than those who only saw the brand message. UBT Agency credits the improvement to consistent messaging and a strong connection between brand and performance teams.

Because the close collaboration between our teams leads to such strong results, UBT Agency carries this approach forward. Our marketing organization ensures that brand and e-commerce teams work closely together to drive consistency across creative and messaging on all campaigns.

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