Customer Value Optimization

As a marketer, one of your biggest challenges is to determine who cares about your brand enough to keep coming back. But even more important is finding users who are going to drive profitability. Machine learning makes it easier to find and engage the customers that are most valuable to your business by letting you look for them in places you may otherwise miss. 
Rather than narrowly defining a target segment simply as “35-54 year-old woman,” machine learning lets you cast a much wider net, taking into account your business outcome—a sale, an in-app purchase, a completed level in a game, etc. It then looks at millions of signals to find people at scale who are likely to complete those actions. 
With machine learning, your first step is analyzing the people you know: your most valuable or profitable app users. The system then looks for other similar profiles. If you’ve developed a travel app, for example, it may look for individuals who have made purchases in other travel apps, are watching travel videos online, or who are in the market for flight and hotel deals. 
Take Trivago, for example. The online travel company wanted to drive in-app transactions from high-quality users. It used Universal App campaigns, which are powered by Google machine learning, to optimize for shoppers likely to make in-app conversions. As a result, the company saw a 20% increase in high-quality users across iOS and Android.

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