we develop Beautiful Engaging Unique digital products for brands and businesses


Seamless presentation across all platforms, with the perfect blend of UI, UX, design, development, and content.

mobile apps

From converting your website to custom app development, we deliver solutions that have horsepower and firpower.

digital media

The convergence of TV & digital video to increase consumer interaction, message reinforcement, and ad recall.

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we provide Industry Insights for Elevated Success

With 1 click & 5-10 minutes, we can quickly understand your vision.

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Web Development

Search engine optimized, fast loading responsive designs, with supported back-end foundation.

eCommerce Sites

We help companies make more money by creating a product that delivers value.

App Development

We have developed a rapid app platform that delivers all the essential functions for a customized mobile app.

Zen6 Service

Our cloud-based technology automates and streamlines processes.

Digital Marketing

You can easily customize and schedule ad messages using our cost-effective self-service portal.

Creative Branding

Our craftsmanship gives the end-user the best product experience possible.

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Embrace Technology!

Industries We Serve

"I thought UBT served the technology industry only. I was so happy to find out from a friend that was quite the opposite."
Christine Ford
Small Business Owner